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Walmart to launch Netflix rival under Vudu brand this year, says report

Walmart's rumored video-streaming service might be just around the corner.

Vudu already acts as Walmart's online video storefront. 
David Katzmaier/CNET

We could be watching movies on Walmart's rumored video-streaming service by the end of this year.

The big box giant plans to launch a subscription video platform through its Vudu division, Variety reported on Thursday. The news follows a similar report earlier this week that Walmart was considering a video service to go up against Netflix and e-commerce rival Amazon.

Vudu already acts as Walmart's online video storefront, a place where customers can buy and rent digital movies and shows. The new Vudu subscription option could reportedly cost less than $8 a month and offer original content, licensed TV shows and movies.

Vudu is looking to introduce the streaming package near the end of the year, Variety said.

Vudu declined to comment.