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Walmart buys recipe startup to pair with online grocery delivery

In its quest to tackle the online grocery delivery market and bulk up its Walmart To Go service, the retail giant snaps up the recipe-minded Yumprint.

Yumprint's iOS app.

To help bolster its growing grocery delivery service, Walmart has acquired Yumprint, a company that powers a publishing network of recipes for food blogs, the retail giant announced Wednesday.

The startup is behind several meal-planning products, including a publishing network that helps more than 2,000 food blogs display recipes, and a recipe clipper browser extension.

Walmart plans to utilize Yumprint's talent, co-founders Chris Crittenden and Wes Dyer, to help its online delivery service Walmart To Go. The service also delivers fresh produce.

"Chris and Wes's ideas and ambitions for transforming the grocery shopping experience match the global opportunity Walmart enjoys in this space, and their accomplishments with Yumprint just scratch the surface of what we're going to do next together," Ben Galbraith,'s vice president of global products, wrote in a blog post.

It's not clear what kind of role Yumprint will play in Walmart To Go, but it could be a different take from what other companies are doing judging from the existing Yumprint products.

Retailers like Walmart, and its competitor Amazon, are trying to figure out how to make it in the tricky world of online grocery delivery. Building the infrastructure to get fresh produce from their warehouses to your door is expensive and a huge commitment, but they're willing to take the gamble if it means making themselves the default source for the product you need most -- food.