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Vodafone UK's Twitter account hijacked by foul-mouthed employee

A Vodafone employee has posted a ripely-worded tweet on the company's Twitter feed, landing the mobile giant in hot water

Nothing livens up a sleepy Friday afternoon like an obscene outburst, especially when it's coming from the virtual mouth of one of the world's biggest phone corporations.

Vodafone UK's Twitter account was recently updated with a post that we cannot reproduce here, for fear of corrupting the fragile minds of our young readers. Suffice to say it turned the virtual air blue, set Twitter alight and left the mobile giant in a rather delicate situation -- not least having to field questions on its sexual orientation.

Vodafone's response was to delete the offending tweet itself, then several minutes later post the following update:

"We're really sorry. A severe breach of rules by staff in our building, dealing with that internally. Please keep your faith in us."

A Vodafone representative assured us that the outburst originated from within the organisation, rather than the account having been hacked, and that the employee responsible has been suspended. We were told that posting the tweet was a "severe internal breach of rules".

Vodafone also made it clear that having apologised, the next step is to resume service. "Hopefully our followers will be loyal to us."

It's unclear whether or not the outburst represented an employee wilfully damaging the company's reputation, or (perhaps more likely) an accidental update from the wrong Twitter account. Vodafone seems to be going with the 'honest and open' approach response-wise, which is undoubtedly the right move.

That and washing its mouth out with soap. 

Image credit: Tony Isted