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Vista delayed beyond holidays

Crucial PC-selling season in jeopardy as new OS hits speed bump; it's now expected in 2007.

A crucial season for PC sales is in jeopardy as the new operating system hits a speed bump. The OS is now expected to be broadly released in January 2007.

Office 2007 launch delayed to meet Vista

Following its push back of Windows Vista, Microsoft confims the Office 2007 release will move to next year as well.
March 23, 2006

Microsoft gives Sinofsky reins to Windows

As expected, Redmond names its Office chief to lead the Windows unit, days after announcing a delay to Vista.
March 23, 2006

Clouds over Redmond

Microsoft's persistent struggle to regularly update Windows poses a growing risk to the software giant's cash cow.
March 23, 2006

Microsoft memo: Realigning the Windows unit

Redmond exec Kevin Johnson rallies the troops as Microsoft moves toward a new era of software and services.
March 23, 2006

Vista delay could add up to Mac sales

If there's one company that stands to benefit from the delay of the Windows Vista operating system, it's Apple.
March 23, 2006

blog Don MacDonald says he's confident that Intel will be able to entice consumers this year with its Viiv technology.
March 23, 2006 Poll

With Vista unavailable for the holidays, do you expect to buy a PC in 2006 or wait until 2007?

I'll buy when I need one, regardless of Vista's availability.
If PC makers offer a free upgrade for Vista during the holidays, I will buy this year.
I don't want to deal with an upgrade, so I'm waiting until 2007.

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Online, everyone has a view on Vista

Reaction to Microsoft's delayed OS launch ranges from warnings of dismal holiday sales to accolades for the software giant.
March 22, 2006

Is Vista's delay good for the industry?

newsmaker Microsoft's Brad Goldberg says the company made the right call. But will PC sales suffer?
March 22, 2006

Microsoft to shake up Windows leadership

Steve Sinofsky, the head of the Office unit, will be tapped to lead Windows development in the wake of another delay.
March 22, 2006

Vista snag could pain PC retailers, analyst says

Delay in consumer release of Windows update could hurt sales at stores such as Office Depot and Staples.
March 22, 2006

Vista debut hits a delay

The new operating system gets bumped back, putting sales during the holiday-shopping season in jeopardy.
March 21, 2006

Distant Vista could vex PC makers

What does the postponed launch of the Windows update mean for PC buyers and computer makers?
March 21, 2006

Back to the future for Redmond

perspective Delay won't help Microsoft shed the perception that it's perennially late shipping products, says CNET's Charles Cooper.
March 21, 2006

A blue Christmas without Vista

commentary Retailers, PC makers get coal in stockings nine months early as Microsoft operating-system debut slips to 2007.
March 22, 2006

Windows chief addresses delay

audio During a conference call, Jim Allchin speaks to reporters and analysts.
March 21, 2006

blogma Now that Windows Vista has been delayed, it's time to ask a once-unthinkable question: Can the Macintosh finally take back business from Microsoft?
March 21, 2006

blog The latest delay of Vista has no impact on the ship date for the server version of the operating system, Microsoft says.
March 21, 2006

Gates sizes up the Web's next generation

newsmaker Microsoft's chairman discusses the push into hosted services, competition with Google, and mobile computing.
March 21, 2006

video One day before the Vista announcement, reporter Martin LaMonica spoke with Bill Gates at Microsoft Mix '06.
March 20, 2006

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special report Check out CNET's extensive coverage of the Windows update.
March 15, 2006

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FAQ Answers to all your questions about Microsoft's upcoming operating system.
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