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Virtual Ubiquity preps Flash-based word processor

Start-up Virtual Ubiquity is set on making the "next-generation word processor" with a slick user interface and collaboration features.

Does the world need another Web word processor? The folks at Virtual Ubiqutity think so and are taking a slightly different route to get there.

The 10-person company, based in Waltham, Mass., is writing an online text editor called Buzzword to run with Adobe's Flash Player 9. Still in alpha, it's being written with Flex 2.0, Adobe's Web development tool.

Company CEO Rick Treitman is counting on a slick user interface and the pagination that people expect from their desktop applications. It will also let people collaborate by posting sticky notes.

Virtual Ubiquity's Flash-based online word processor Virtual Ubiquity

The target audience initially is students who write a lot and are mobile. Also, he sees small businesses or people who form ad hoc groups, like volunteers, going for it.

ZDNet blogger Ryan Stewart, who writes about rich Internet applications, got a look at Buzzword late last month and gave it a big thumbs up.

For more detail, check out this CNET News.com story.