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Virgin is fastest ISP, UK fails in Netflix broadband index

Virgin Media is the fastest broadband in Britain according to figures from Netflix, ranking the UK third from bottom in an ISP league table.

Virgin Media is the fastest broadband service in Britain -- that's according to figures from Netflix, which ranks the UK third from bottom in its league table of broadband speeds.

The Netflix ISP speed index lists highest, lowest and average Internet speeds for the US, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Mexico.

The UK has a maximum speed of 2.37Mbps on Virgin. The lowest is a disappointing 1.77Mbps on Everything Everywhere. Everything Everywhere, formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile and now officially known as EE, is the only UK ISP to actually get slower in the past six months.

In between top and bottom, BT manages an average of 2.25Mbps, O2 offers 2.23Mbps and BSkyB hits 2.10Mbps. All of which gives us an average of just 2.07Mbps, beating only Ireland and Mexico.

Sky last week bought O2 and Be Broadband, and will switch customers over. Not great news after Sky's recent problems with too many people using its network.

The fastest speed is enjoyed by the US, courtesy of Google Fiber, the experimental Google-funded fibre-optic network in Kansas City. Residents enjoy 3.35Mbps, contributing to an average of 2.30Mbps.

The next highest is Sweden, with 2.99Mbps. The country with the best lowest speed is Finland, with 2.28Mbps -- making it the overall best performer on average.

The worst performer is Mexico, with an average speed of 1.65Mbps.

Netflix gathers these real-world speeds from streaming movies and TV shows to customers in these countries. If they seem a little low, it's "due to many factors including the variety of encodes we use to deliver the TV shows and movies we carry as well as home Wi-Fi and the variety of devices our members use."

How's your speed? What do you think of your ISP? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.