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Vine lives, sort of...

Twitter does an about face and decides to keep Vine as a camera app.

Yep, you still will be able to make and watch six-second Vine videos. Over and over and over.

Vine, Twitter's video app, was left for dead two months ago. But on Friday, the social network said in a blog post that the app will be renamed "Vine Camera." Users will be able to post the looping videos they make to Twitter or save them on their phone.

Twitter set social media ablaze in October after announcing it would shut down the popular app, which plays six-second videos in an constant loop. Vine ushered in a short-form style that was later co-opted by the likes of Instagram and Snap.

Vine's so-called death came days after Twitter said it was laying off 350 employees, about nine percent of its workforce, as part of another restructuring.

For now, Vine lives as users can download videos they've made from the app's website. Vine Camera will be available in January.

OK, say it once more with feeling: "Do it for the Vine!!"