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Vine goes child-friendly with Vine Kids app

The new app from Twitter's 6-second looping video service serves up only clips that have been screened for family-friendliness.

Vine Kids features looping 6-second child-friendly videos. Screenshot by Michelle Meyers/CNET

Kids are known for having short attention spans and it appears Vine is banking on that with a new app that should also help put parents at ease.

The Twitter-owned video-sharing company rolled out Vine Kids on Friday to let children watch looping 6-second Vine videos that have been screened for child-appropriateness.

"Kids love Vine," Vine head of communications and marketing Carolyn Penner wrote in a blog post. "So, we built Vine Kids, a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines."

Since launching in 2012 Vine has steadily grown its audience to at least 40 million. The video app is known for users who upload and share videos that show people doing goofy stunts, playing sports and other high jinks. In 2013, Vine had a dustup after a plethora of porn videos appeared on the site, which led Twitter to give the app a NC-17 rating. This newest Vine app, however, could easily be G rated.

Vine Kids features animations, Sesame Street characters like Elmo and videos with cute animals like hedgehogs and puppies. Vine's goal is to have a collection of videos for a young audience that are safe to watch.

The company picks the kids videos by choosing from its millions of daily uploads in its regular Vine app. Once a child tires of looking at one clip, they can swipe left or right to get a new video. By making Vine Kids a completely separate app, Vine has ensured that kids won't happen upon adult videos.

Vine Kids is only available on iOS.