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Video aggregators at Demo 07: ClipSyndicate and Magnify

Two startups, ClipSyndicate and Magnify, are making new ways to gather videos for site publishers

Everybody's trying to ride the YouTube wave. At Demo 07, in addition to several video content publishing companies, there are two interesting companies that are working on video syndication and discovery.

First, ClipSyndicate. This site takes licensed videos from various professional sources and makes them available to Web publishers. Site managers can get very specific feeds. The Demo 07 example: a site for firefighters that gets an automatic feed of videos about fires. Looks like a useful service for bloggers and people running industry-specific news sites.

Magnify is similar, but focused on user-generated content (it pulls from YouTube, not CNN) and markets to hobbyist bloggers instead of professionals.

If you want to put relevant videos on your site, one of these services might be a big help.