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Vevo's music videos find their growth groove on televisions

The music video site's latest half-year viewership report shows that for it to build on its area of greatest growth, Vevo's path forward follows a throwback -- a linear channel of videos programmed by humans for TVs.

In the first half of the year, Lil Wayne's music video for "Love Me" was Vevo's most watched, with more than 67 million views. Vevo

For its most bounding growth, music video site Vevo is being a little like MTV, back when MTV played music.

In its viewership report for the first six months of the year, Vevo said it hit 4 billion streams in June. Its unique monthly viewers are up 27 percent worldwide from a year earlier. But views through mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs are up 185 percent.

The biggest contributor was the launch of Vevo TV, a broadcast-style 24-7 channel of music videos played linearly. "That's really caused an explosion," Rio D. Caraeff, Vevo's chief executive, told CNET in an interview.

He said Vevo's growth story is one that is being told on TVs now. With Vevo channels so far on Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV, Caraeff said about 80 percent of Vevo's product development work revolves around getting on more TVs, adding he expects the company to add another 6 to 10 platforms in the coming months.


He also has Vevo's sights set on international expansion.

The variances in music licensing by country are the biggest hurdle holding back the recorded music industry's biggest segment of growth -- streaming -- but with two major labels as parents of joint venture Vevo, the company has a leg up in its ambitions to spread globally.

Caraeff said Vevo is on track to be in 20 countries in the coming months, up from its current 12. With the US, UK, and Brazil currently its biggest markets, Vevo has Germany next on the list. The company is aiming to grow to the rest of Latin America and fill in the remainder of Europe before looking at Asia, he said.

Launched in 2009, Vevo offers a library of 75,000 HD music videos, largely drawn from mega music labels Universal and Sony, plus bygone EMI, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, live performances, and artist interviews.

Behind YouTube and Facebook, it's the third most-watched video site in the US -- though videos from Vevo's YouTube channel comprise four of the top five most-watched clips of all time on Google's video site through a syndication agreement. (Shocking to no one, "Gangnam Style" tops the YouTube chart.)