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Vevo revamps its TV look and feel, starting with Apple

The online music-video service redesigned itself for television sets, starting with Apple TV.

Vevo's new TV streaming app is designed to keep music playing as you scroll through panels that preview what's up next.

Vevo revamped its app for Apple TV with a design it plans to trickle out to other streaming boxes later this year, aimed at displacing music-only apps for TV like Pandora.

"We wanted a flagship example of what we could do," Vevo CEO Erik Huggers said at an unveiling.

The app plays to a small but growing segment of how consumers are watching digital video. For Vevo, connected TVs represent less than 10 percent of views but are its biggest growth segment. But often the most popular music related apps for TV streaming devices are services that have no or little video.

Vevo's new design includes elements familiar to people using its mobile app: artist stations, a hub for genres, and playlists curated to suit time of day and your personal preferences. Important for a TV app, the new design adds the ability to browse while continuing to listen to what's playing, and to get a preview of what's inside a playlist selection by playing short, soundfree clips of the what is in queue.

The company aims to add a "watch party" feature down the line. Already an element of Vevo's desktop experience, it allows users -- or the performer in a music video itself -- to create a room to chat in while watching the video play.

The new app, set to be available Friday, was designed for the latest Apple TV running its TVOS operating system. The company plans to bring match the design in the apps it makes for the other streaming-media devices it's on, such as Roku, later this year.