Verizon unveils 'Viewdini' video service for mobile devices

Verizon Wireless' CEO announces new aggregation platform that will allow consumers to find and access video on their mobile devices from cable operators as well as online providers.

Marguerite Reardon Former senior reporter
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Marguerite Reardon
CNBC's Julia Boorstin interviews actor and film director Ed Burns, Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead, and Neil Smit, CEO of Comcast, at the NCTA's Cable Show 2012. Marguerite Reardon/CNET

BOSTON--Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead announced a new service platform that will make finding and viewing video on mobile devices easier.

Verizon Wireless

Mead described the new video service called Viewdini as a portal that will aggregate and deliver mobile content to a variety of devices. Comcast's Xfinity service is the first to partner with Verizon. Mead and Comcast's CEO Neil Smit were on a panel at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association's Cable Show here today, where the announcement was made.

Other partners at the launch of Viewdini include: Hulu Plus, mSpot, and Netflix.

The way it works is that the Viewdini platform acts like a mobile video aggregator that makes it easy for users to search for titles. The platform enables people to find and access TV and movies on a wide variety of services like the over-the-top video services, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, as well as TV sites, and from cable and telecommunications TV operators. When consumers search for titles, they'll be able to see whether it's available for streaming at no additional charge, by subscription, to rent, or for purchase.

The Viewdini service platform will be shown off here at the Cable Show on the show floor. And the company has said it will be available on 4G LTE Android devices later this month. Verizon says that other device platforms will be available soon. The app can be downloaded from Google Play. And it's free to subscribers.