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Verizon launches Fios Gigabit internet for $70 a month

The broadband provider promises ultra-fast uploads and downloads starting at $70 per month.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

If you live in the northeast, Verizon is the new ticket to blazing internet speeds.

The broadband provider is rolling out what it says is the nation's largest deployment of gigabit internet on Monday. Called Fios Gigabit Connection, it promises download speeds of 940 megabits per second and upload speeds of 880 Mbps.

That's hella fast (though not 1 gigabit per second as you might assume from the name). The average American household has speeds of about 25 Mbps up, according to an FCC study at the end of 2016.

"No cable provider comes close to offering the speeds and power of Fios Gigabit connection on this kind of scale," said Ken Dixon, president of Verizon's consumer wireline business, in a statement. "We've priced it so that millions can enjoy it."

To get the new speeds you'll need to live in a service area that includes parts of parts New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Richmond, Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia, Boston, Providence and Washington, D.C. Verizon says the service is currently available to more than 8 million homes.

Online pricing starts at $70 per month standalone and $80 per month as part of a triple-play bundle.

Meanwhile AT&T Fiber is available to around 2.2 million homes for $80 per month, and Google Fiber recently got a new CEO. CNET's sister site Tech Republic recently outlined Google's plans to go wireless in its battle to bring faster internet to more cities.