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Venmo to let you 'gift wrap' in-app payments

Add an animated gift wrap to that money you send for a birthday or other present.

Venmo's new gift wrapping option lets you add a short animation to your payment.

Venmo on Thursday rolled out eight digital "gift wrapping" options for in-app payments, adding a bit of color and animation to the process of zapping someone a little cash. In a release about the new feature, Venmo owner PayPal noted that 78% of Venmo users said they'd sent a gift last year through one payment app or another.

People will be able to add gift wrap using a button next to Venmo's pay and request controls. Gift wrapping is available to select users starting Thursday. The feature will go live to all users in the coming weeks, the company said.

In addition to the eight initial options, Venmo plans to release three Lunar New Year-themed animations in the coming weeks. Current options include a cat busting out of a ball and saying thank you and a snowman melting into a cup of coffee.