VDOLive streams via the Net

VDOLive 2.0 allows for streaming video through the Net, without having to wait for the whole clip to download.

CNET News staff
VDOnet today introduced VDOLive 2.0, a spiffed-up version of its client-server video streaming technology that should sharpen moving images on the Net.

Video streaming allows Net surfers to watch and listen to a video clip, albeit jerky, as it's being downloaded from the Web, rather than having to wait until the entire file is downloaded.

With its VDOLive 2.0 player and server, the company says that it has improved its compression technology to allow for higher video frame rates and better resolution over standard phone lines. The new products also support live broadcasting capabilities and the ability to add graphics, images, and other multimedia elements to video broadcasts.

The VDOLive player is available for free on Windows 95 and Macintosh. The server product runs on Windows NT and Unix and starts at $120 per video stream.

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