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Use Quality Time to see which Android apps you use most

Spend a lot of time looking at your phone each day? Here's how to find out which app is your biggest time sink.

Quality Time for Android. Nicole Cozma/CNET

It's easy to get caught up using the many apps you have installed on your Android phone or tablet. Whether you're catching up on news across the globe, texting friends or playing a game...ever wondered how much time you spend looking at the screen?

Quality Time by ZeroDesktop, Inc. -- which was recently recommended by TheNextWeb -- can tell you how many minutes/hours you spend looking at each app, or accessing your device in general.

Start by grabbing a copy of Quality Time for your device. You can log in with Facebook, create a new account, or skip the sign-up process entirely. The option for sign-in is there in case you want to sync your data about app usage.

Quality Time statistics on Android. Nicole Cozma/CNET

Once you've made it through the Quality Time tutorial, you can go back to using your phone and apps like you normally would. It's best to leave the app for a a few days or a week, and then check on your habits. You can view statistics based on the whole week, a specific day, or today. This app also has an option to set breaks (e.g., no screen time) to lock you out of the device.

Another great use for this app is to collect usage statistics on the devices you let your kids use. This can help you figure which type of learning apps they like best, or don't use at all.

What do you spend the majority of time looking at on your Android? Share your most-used apps in the comments.