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Use Manilla to manage your bills on the go

Tired of using the clunky bill-pay section of your bank's Web site? Manilla wants to take the pain out of paying your bills.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Managing bills online can be a big hassle. Some banks offer a bill pay solution, but oftentimes it's confusing and far from intuitive. Manilla, a free service first launched in 2011, wants to help make paying your bills and managing your money less of a hassle.

During the signup process with Manilla, you're able to add any utility, bank, credit card, health travel, and subscription accounts to the service.

Once you've added the appropriate accounts, Manilla will automatically monitor your bills and account balances for you. You'll then receive alerts to remind you when a bill is due.

You can access Manilla through its site, or by using the Android or iOS apps to help you manage your money while on the go.

What's perhaps the most interesting feature of Manilla is the ability to share bills with friends and family members; perfect for those with roommates. Instead of having to provide your account information, you simply invite the person to Manilla by sharing a bill.

I did experience a few time-out issues when trying to add various provider accounts to the service, but the issue resolved itself after a few minutes. Other than that, I can see how managing all of your accounts in a single place would be beneficial. Not to mention, after you add accounts to Manilla, you no longer have to worry about remembering passwords for a long list of sites.

Where Manilla is different than a service such as Mint, for example, is the lack of ads you see telling you how to save money or refinance your mortgage. At least during my testing over the last few weeks, I've yet to see a single ad from Manilla, whereas I saw them nearly every time I logged in to Mint. Your experience may vary.

You can give Manilla a try signing up at