Unicode adds 37 new emoji with version 14

The language coding standard added a melting face, heart hands and more to its emoji repertoire.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Unicode Consortium

Unicode launched version 14.0 of its language coding standard on Tuesday, complete with 37 new emojis, over 800 new characters and support for lesser-used languages and symbols. The new emojis include a face holding back tears, heart hands, a low battery indicator and objects like coral. 

Though the new code debuts today, you won't be able to incorporate the new emojis into your texts for a while. The Unicode Consortium expects the new code to launch widely on computers and mobile phones next year.

The new emojis also include what the organization describes as 75 skin tone variations. The Unicode site has more details on the code itself and the emojis therein. According to emojipedia.com, the final version of Unicode 14.0 is the same as the draft previewed in July.