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Unexpected MacBook Air benefit--reduced carpal tunnel pain

Typing on the MacBook Pro was never a pleasure. It's possible that the Air solves my wrist pain.

For those of you who are MacBook Pro users, you too may have felt the pain from the somewhat oddly placed keyboard. From day one I thought it was too far away from the bottom of the machine. And while thin, the MBP doesn't have the ergonomic profile that you get with a Thinkpad. Enter the MacBook Air and you will see immediately that your wrists get to relax a bit more and don't strain nearly as hard to stay on the keyboard.

A week into the MB Air and I can honestly say that I have almost no pain or fatigue in my wrists when I use the machine standalone. In fact it's possibly more comfortable then using a regular keyboard...TBD for the moment.

I know a few other carpal tunnel sufferers--both of whom, like myself went to hand doctors and had all sorts of x-rays etc. (Zack@MySQL and Raven@451) so I will see what the other guys have to say. For me, so far, so good.