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Uber trials even cheaper ride-sharing service in Beijing

As demand for Uber grows in Beijing, the company has launched a new "People's Uber" ride-sharing service at rates below its own UberX.


Uber is expanding its growing lineup of special ride-sharing options, this time with another cheap alternative to hailing a cab in Beijing. The company calls it 'Remin You Bu', which translates to 'People's Uber'.

Alongside the standard UberX and Uber Black, users in China can choose People's Uber, a hybrid between citizen cab driving and ride-sharing.

In its announcement, Uber stated the service was launched to bring "promising innovations for a city with Beijing's scale," suggesting that amid growing demand for Uber's services in Beijing there isn't enough car supply available to meet the demand.

"Drivers are fellow Beijingers vetted by Uber and rated by users after every trip. Route details are logged through Uber's system, and the cars are insured and licensed according to Beijing standards."

While it's not guaranteed what types of cars you'll be riding in, the cost is comparable to a regular cab. There's no starting base fare compared with the 15 RMB ($2.43, £1.44, AU$2.61) base for UberX. It's cheaper per minute to travel with People's Uber than UberX, and the minimum fare is just 12 RMB ($1.90, £1.13, AU$2.10) - 1RMB cheaper than an official Beijing cabbie's base fare.

The People's Uber announcement follows the UberPool launch, which works the same way, but is only in private beta at the moment.