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Uber returns to Taiwan two months after service halt

The ride-hailer returns to Taiwan with a redesigned business model that it claims will meet local regulations this time.

Uber halted its services in Taiwan two months ago, but it's set to return this Thursday.
Screengrab by Zoey Chong/CNET

You just can't stop Uber, as Taiwan has just discovered.

The global ride-hailing service will relaunch its operations in the nation this Thursday after exiting two months ago, reports the Central News Agency.

Uber ceased operations in Taiwan in February after it was dealt with penalties amounting to nearly $36 million under a new law barring unlicensed taxi services.

Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications required Uber to change its business registration from a technology company to a taxi company in order for it to operate legally in the nation.

The company will hold a press conference this Thursday which should reveal more details about a new operating model that it claims is redesigned for the Taiwanese market to ensure that it complies with local legislation.

Uber's rapid growth has led to roadblocks and regulations from governments and taxi companies who argue that the service doesn't always comply with local laws. The company had just been banned from operating in Italy, too.

Uber did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comments.

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