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Uber now lets you add multiple destinations for each journey

It's easier than ever to share rides with friends.

You can now stop up to three times on Uber journeys.

Sharing a ride home with your friends just became a whole lot easier.

Uber added a new multi-stop feature on Thursday allowing you add in three stops into your journey, and even change them while you're enroute.

If you've ever tried to share an Uber with anyone not headed to the same address as you, you'll know how annoying it is to frantically change the drop-off destination after every stop. Those days are behind you now thanks to this latest addition to the popular ride-sharing app.

To enjoy the new feature, you'll need to wait for an update, which will be pushed out to Uber users the world over in the coming week. Look out for a plus symbol next to the "Where to?" box in your app and use it to add in up to three addresses.

Multi-stop trips complement the split fare option -- a feature that's been available since 2013 -- which let you share the cost of your ride between multiple people. It's not a revolutionary update to the service, but should make it easier for both passengers and drivers to carry out a trip with multiple destinations.