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Uber arrives on Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can finally hail the on-demand car service from a native app, instead of via the mobile website.


The popular on-demand car service Uber has finally released a native app for Windows Phone.

Until now, Windows Phone users who wanted to hail an Uber driver needed to use their phone's browser to connect to the mobile website -- not the best user experience. The native Uber app announced Wednesday on Uber's blog promises to offer a faster, more secure experience, and one that blends in with the Windows Phone ecosystem.

While the arrival of a single service to Windows Phone won't do much to boost the platform's third-place position among mobile phones, it's still a step in the right direction. Getting established, well-known apps and services onto Windows Phone is exactly the shot in the arm that the platform needs if it's going to survive. Consider the recent arrival of Adobe Photoshop Express , which stands out largely because it's a well-known, free offering surrounded by an unpolished crowd. This move also makes Uber the first of the on-demand car services to make the move to Windows Phone, which could spur competitors like Sidecar and Lyft to follow suit.

All of Uber's features won't be coming along for the ride just yet, however. We'll need to wait for an update sometime in the next month that'll bring the ability to see fare quotes, split the fare with friends, and share links of your trip map.

The Uber service is available worldwide in over 40 countries, and you can download the Uber app for free from the Windows Phone store.