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Twitter's new exec brings IPO experience

Co-founder Jack Dorsey recently said an IPO isn't on the company's mind, but Twitter's new head of corporate development has a history with public offerings.

New Twitter head of corporate development Cynthia Gaylor.
Cynthia Gaylor

Twitter said Thursday it has hired a new head of corporate development who happens to have years of experience with, among other things, IPOs.

Last week, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said that the company "isn't even thinking about" an IPO, despite months of speculation in the media and elsewhere that the social networking giant is preparing to go public.

And while Cynthia Gaylor, Twitter's new head of corporate development, has plenty of experience with other things, including mergers and acquisitions, it's notable that IPOs were an important part of her portfolio during her time as a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

As her LinkedIn profile explains, Gaylor advised "clients across a broad array of strategic financing activities including IPOs, follow-on offerings, equity linked, private placement and debt security transactions."

In her first tweet since the announcement of her hiring by Twitter, Gaylor said that she's looking "forward to joining and focusing on M&A + strategy." Public offerings was obviously not part of what she mentioned, but given Twitter's general silence on this matter, it's hardly something she would have simply tweeted about in public at this point.

Then again, her experience with IPOs may simply be something that Twitter will value in the future, and in the shorter term, the company will leverage her other skills. When asked for comment about Gaylor's portfolio, Twitter pointed CNET to her tweet.