#TwitterIPO fails to reach trending status on Twitter

As the social network announces its historic $26 IPO share price, the news is slow to catch on in the Twitterverse.

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
Dara Kerr was a senior reporter for CNET covering the on-demand economy and tech culture. She grew up in Colorado, went to school in New York City and can never remember how to pronounce gif.
Dara Kerr

Well, this is meta. The news of Twitter announcing its IPO share price has failed to garner enough attention to be listed among the social network's trending topics.

Twitter set the price for its IPO at $26 per share on Wednesday and is expected to begin trading under the ticker symbol TWTR on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow.

But what do tweeters have to say about it?

Hundreds of tweets are being thrown around mentioning the share price and the fact that Twitter will soon be a public company. And several Twitter IPO related hashtags can be seen, like #TwitterIPO, #twitter, and #ipo -- but for the most part this big news for the company is not spreading like wildfire on its own site.

Trending topics that do seem to be currently amassing attention from the Twitterverse are Thanksgiving, Netflix, and #WomanCrushWednesday.