Twitter will help you register to vote in the midterm election

Twitter just announced its #BeAVoter campaign.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

You may see this prompt pop up on your Twitter timeline.


Sure you can argue about politics on Twitter , but there's a more surefire way to make a difference. Vote!

Twitter on Monday announced its #BeAVoter campaign, which aims to help people register to vote in the upcoming US midterm election.

Starting today, Twitter users will see a prompt pop up on their home timelines. If voters haven't registered yet, they'll be able to follow the Twitter prompt and do so through TurboVote, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization aimed to make it easier to register to vote ahead of US elections.

#BeAVoter will also be trending in the US. Clicking the hashtag will give you access to voter registration information, like election reminders and absentee ballot FAQ. And there's even a #BeAVoter emoji to help bring attention to the cause.

Twitter has been a go-to source of information and discussion about politics. So whether you're browsing Twitter to catch up on breaking news, follow your favorite journalists or see the latest Trump post, you might as well register to vote if you haven't already.