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Twitter vs. Instagram in a knock-down, drag-out filters fight

CNET took a single photo and compared what it looked like using each of Twitter's new filters and Instagram's free filters. You decide which is best.

With one bold step Monday, Twitter took the photo filtering fight directly to Instagram.

Until yesterday, Instagram was the undisputed leader when it comes to mobile photo filtering and sharing. But with its release of a new version of its mobile app that enables filters, Twitter has launched a very credible challenge to the crown.

To be sure, Instagram has a massive lead, and a very passionate community. But Twitter has a nine-figure user base, and now that it is offering filters -- albeit just eight, while Instagram has 18 free filters -- it can begin to chip away at its competitor's lead.

There's only one way to decide whose filters are best, though, and that's to compare them side by side. With that in mind, CNET took a single photograph and applied each of Twitter's and Instagram's free filters. Only you can decide which is best.

Which filter do you think is best? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.