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Twitter to launch vanity URLs for Vine users' profiles on Dec. 20

Holders of verified Twitter accounts can register for URLs beginning Friday, while nonverified accounts will have to wait until December 23.

Vine on Android

Twitter will soon allow Vine users to claim vanity URLs for their profile pages.

The land grab begins Friday at 9 a.m. PT for users with verified Twitter accounts, the social network announced in an e-mail to journalists Wednesday. All other users of the video-sharing service will be able to register for vanity Vine URLs on December 23.

Like Facebookand Google+ before, the Vine vanity URL, which will appear as "," offers the advantages of ease of use and discovery it allows, the microblogging site said.

"Like your Twitter profile, a vanity URL offers the ability to share profile pages easily," Twitter said in its e-mail, which said the URLs were optional but could only be registered by existing Vine users.

Twitter will automatically reserve vanity profile URLs that match verified Twitter usernames, but users must claim the profile URL by registering for it, the social network said. Users can also request a profile URL different from their verified handle as long as it doesn't match a verified account on Twitter.

"Once a profile URL is taken, it cannot be registered by someone else," Twitter said, adding that handles for nonverified accounts will not be automatically reserved for a vanity Vine profile URL.

To claim their vanity URL, Vine users should log in to their Vine accounts and follow the accompanying registration instructions.