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'Twitter Offers' to let you cash in on retailer promotions

Twitter tests new advertising feature that lets retailers tweet special offers that Twitter users can apply directly to their credit card for money-back savings.

With its new feature involving retailer promotions, Twitter is trying to make you an offer you can't refuse. Twitter

Twitter has cooked up a way for retailers to tweet special offers that you can use to get money back on certain purchases.

Rolling out on Tuesday as a test, Twitter Offers will appear on your timeline as promotional tweets posted by certain retailers. The tweet itself will announce some money-back savings in a special deal from the retailer. If the deal piques your interest, you can click or tap on a button called "Get offer."

From there, the offer is added to your credit or debit card. To redeem the offer, you then use your card at the retailer's store. The money-back savings then appear on your credit card statement. As one example, you could get $2 back if you spend $5 or more at a certain retailer. After you spend your money via your card, you get the money back as noted on your statement.

The idea sounds intriguing. But to cash in, you'll need to share your card information with Twitter, especially if you want to take advantage of more deals down the road. That naturally raises security concerns. To ease them, Twitter has promised that credit or debit card information will be "encrypted and safely stored." The site also will let participants remove their card information from their Twitter account at any point.

For now, Twitter Offers will be available only in the US and will incorporate a "handful of brands" for testing during the holiday season.

"As we continue to learn and improve based on the experience of our advertisers and users, we'll make this feature available for more advertisers," Twitter said.