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Twitter supercharges tweeting on iOS and Android

The latest versions of Twitter's mobile apps are designed to make tweeting -- and sharing photos -- easier than ever.

Twitter released new versions of its iOS and Android apps on Wednesday intended to make tweeting easier than ever, and sharing photos a far better and quicker experience.

Twitter tweaked its apps in a number of ways, the company said in a blog post. Most prominently, it said that it is now faster than ever to tweet a photo. When a user wants to add a picture to their tweet, they'll now see a full preview of that image, rather than a cropped version. At the same time, Twitter said, sharing a photo from an iOS or Android camera roll requires simply clicking the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the tweet box.

Another new addition is giving users a better feel for how their tweet will appear by letting them see their avatar and username while they're composing. Plus, for those users with multiple accounts, they can select which to use by tapping on the avatar for that account.

Twitter also said it has made it simpler than ever to add or remove users' locations from tweets, and that it has given Android users a deeper set of notifications. Finally, it has removed the borders around timelines in the iOS version of Twitter so that tweets fill the screen.