Twitter shows off privacy concepts to help you switch accounts, settings with ease

You'll be able to see more easily which account you're tweeting from and toggle between groups of privacy settings based on your mood, if these concepts come to fruition.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Twitter's design team is working to make privacy settings easier to understand and access. Lena Emara, a product designer working for Twitter, posted images of the concepts in progress on Tuesday to the social media site. The thread talks through several possible changes, including an easier method of switching accounts, grouped privacy settings and tailored discoverability. 

As Emara notes at the start of the thread, the changes are still in process and won't necessarily see an official release. She asks for feedback in the thread as well, as each piece is in flux.

In addition to making it easier to switch between accounts if you have more than one, one concept will make it clearer which account you're tweeting from as you compose your thoughts. Another concept will show a warning if you reply to a tweet while your account is protected. If the person you're replying to doesn't follow you, you'll get a warning that they won't be able to see your tweet and an optional prompt to switch to a public profile.

Protected and public profiles could also be grouped under a privacy check-in label. With the concept, you can switch photo tagging, direct messages and your profile as a whole with one click, depending on if you feel like sharing or are in a more private mood. Finally, Emara tweeted a concept for controlling how others can find your profile.