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Twitter Now Lets Anyone Untag Themselves From Tweet Conversations

Twitter's new Unmention feature lets you remove yourself from tweets you're tagged in.

Twitter unmention
Twitter's untagging feature, called Unmentioning, is easy to use: just open the three-button menu and select "Leave this conversation."

While Twitter's legal team finds itself forcing Elon Musk to finish purchasing the company, the social media platform's developers have started publicly rolling out a feature that lets people remove themselves from conversations. 

Twitter described the feature, now called Unmentioning, as "a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations" when it started testing it with select users in April. Now Unmentioning is available to everyone who wants to exit a conversation, whether it's because the talk has gotten toxic or you were accidentally mistagged to begin with.

Using Unmentioning is pretty easy -- just tap or click on the three-dot menu next to a reply in the thread you want to exit and select "Leave this conversation." Doing so untags you from the tweet, and though your username still appears in it, it'll be grayed out. You'll stop receiving notifications of the conversation, and can't be tagged again in future replies. Just make sure you don't want back into the convo -- once you leave, you can't tag yourself back in.

While it's not the long-desired feature to edit tweets, Unmentioning is the first of several previously announced safety perks that's finally rolling out to users everywhere. Hopefully we'll soon get the other features now being tested, like customizing who can see your tweets.