Twitter might let you undo tweets if you pay a subscription fee

An app researcher's screenshot shows that among the options for subscribers of an unrevealed service.

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Sean Keane

Twitter may let you undo your tweets, for a price.

James Martin/CNET

We've had repeated rumblings about Twitter working on features for a subscription service, and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong on Friday posted an image showing that "undo tweet" will be among them. It's the only feature seen in Wong's screenshot.

Wong previously posted a GIF showing how subscribers would undo tweets. The researcher also noted in a message to CNET that this feature differs from deleting a tweet -- a feature currently available to all users -- in that undoing the tweet stops it from being sent at all. 

In an email to CNET, Twitter confirmed that it's testing this feature. 

The undo button also appears to double as a progress bar, showing you how long you have to undo a tweet before it gets sent, as noted by The Verge.

The microblogging platform is also considering features like Super Follows, which would let you follow a creator or publisher for a monthly subscription fee and get exclusive content or newsletters. Earlier this month, the company tweeted to investors that we'd see it testing subscription products in public.