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Twitter makes Periscope easy to launch right from the Twitter app

Use Twitter's iOS or Android app? Now you can call up live video streaming without opening the Periscope app separately.

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If you're looking to add a Periscope video stream to your latest tweet, you can now trigger that option directly from the Twitter mobile app.


All Twitter mobile users can now tap directly into Periscope for live video streaming.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Following a limited test in May and June, Twitter has placed a Periscope button in its app for both iOS and Android phones, Twitter tweeted on Wednesday. The Periscope "Live" button shows up on the screen for posting a new tweet, alongside buttons for posting a photo or posting a video. Tapping that Periscope button simply opens the app or prompts you to download it. From there, you can start your live stream.

Live video streaming has been gaining popularity with celebrities, businesses and just plain folks as a way to promote themselves and share events with a wide audience. Twitter has been pushing Periscope as a way for people to live stream activities within their timelines. But the company faces competition from Facebook Live, a similar program.

On its own, Periscope lets you stream a live video either to a public audience or to a more-private crowd that you select. You're not restricted in terms of length, though it's usually best not to drag on too long. You can also watch video streams from other people, either live or recorded.

When you use Periscope by itself, your viewers need the Periscope app to watch your video. But by integrating your Periscope video into a tweet, your Twitter followers can catch it without the Periscope app.

Twitter did not respond to CNET's request for comment.