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Twitter lets iOS users share tweets as stickers on Snapchat

Ever wish you could stamp a tweet into your Snapchat stories? No? Well, you can now.


Cross-posting between social media platforms is nothing new, but now, Twitter has a new twist on cross-posting to Snapchat. Starting today, iOS users can share tweets within their Snapchat stories by stamping those tweets right into the frame.

To do so, iOS users can open the Twitter app and pick out a tweet, then tap the share button followed by the Snapchat icon. From there, you'll arrive in the Snapchat app with a newly made sticker version of the tweet that links back to the full conversation on Twitter. Just stamp it into your story and voila.

The feature arrives weeks after the debut of fleets, which are Instagram- and Snapchat Story-like Twitter posts that sit above the timeline and vanish after 24 hours. Between that and this, Twitter seems focused on making sure that it stays relevant to users who might be less interested in lists and timelines than in personalized, ephemeral content.

"We're working on rolling this out for Twitter for Android soon," a Twitter spokesperson tells CNET. "In the coming days we'll be testing a similar integration with Instagram for a small group of people on iOS devices. We hope that these will be the first of many integrations of its kind."