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Twitter goes long(er) with users' video uploads

Twitter users can share videos up to 140 seconds long on the platform and create longer videos on Vine as well.

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Twitter is on a never-ending quest to make videos more attractive on the platform.

The San Francisco-based social network said Tuesday that users will be able share longer videos as well as see longer-form videos on Vine, its short-looping video service.


Twitter is making it easier for its users to create longer videos and to track who's watching them.


Previous video uploads were limited to about 30 seconds, but Twitter users can now create and share videos for up to 140 seconds, the company said. Some video creators will also be able to add a video to their Vine, Twitter said, transforming their six-second video "into a trailer for a bigger story."

The updates come as Twitter faces a rush of live-streaming competition from the likes of Snapchat, which reportedly has 10 million more daily users. Facebook's popular Live video offering has become a big hit with celebrities, though it's also drawn unwanted attention for capturing real-time violent incidents in the United States.

Earlier this year, Twitter began integrating broadcasts from its streaming service Periscope directly onto Twitter users' timelines. On Monday, Twitter announced it's purchasing Magic Pony, a London-based startup specializing in sharpening low-resolution and blurred videos in real time.

Also, Twitter announced a new app, Engage, that will provide users an easier way to monitor engagement and provide down-to-the-second analytics on how their tweets are doing.