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Twitter founders reveal incubator's first project

An application called Lift is designed to unlock "human potential through positive reinforcement," Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced.

Lift, a new application designed to unlock unlock "human potential through positive reinforcement."
Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET

Biz Stone, the Twitter co-founder who left his daily duties at the microblogging site to restart Obvious Corporation, the company that gave life to Twitter, revealed details of the incubator's first project today.

The company's first project is Lift, an "application for unlocking human potential through positive reinforcement," Stone wrote in a blog post today titled "Unlocking Potential."

"It's important never to delude ourselves into thinking that technology changes the world," Stone wrote. "People are responsible for change--technology just helps out."

Stone said little else about the app but did reveal a little about how the company would operate.

"Our plan is to build something extraordinary together," Stone wrote. "The Obvious Corporation will assist the talented Lift team with strategy, design, funding, recruiting--in general, we'll be helpful wherever possible."

Lift is currently in private alpha, but the site invites people to sign up to receive more information when it's available.

Along with former Twitter CEO Evan Williams and former Twitter product chief Jason Goldman, Stone announced in June that the trio was teaming to restart the Obvious Corporation to develop "systems that help people work together to improve the world." Obvious was the company Williams formed after the trio left Google in 2003 to buy back several failed companies, including Twitter, from investors in a former project.