Twitter for Android better for cropping pics, killing time

The social network comes with new tools to make better photos and supplies suggestions to fill your timeline downtime.

Jennifer Van Grove Former Senior Writer / News
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Jennifer Van Grove

Twitter altered its Android application Monday to make crafting the perfect picture or staving off boredom less of a chore.

With the new Twitter for Android app, the social network added an option that lets users rotate their pictures, as well as select from original, wide, and square aspects during the cropping process.

The new version of the Android application also comes with time-killing suggestions when you have no more new tweets to read. Now, when you pull down to refresh your timeline, you'll get recommended tweets, trending topics, and follow suggests when your tweet feed comes up blank. People in the US will also find TV, sports, and news updates, the company said.

The options are Android only for now, which means iPhone users will have to a wait a tad longer for the same photo-editing and feed upgrades.

The alterations, however, seem geared toward Twitter's primary objective: to keep your attention. Prettier pictures, or at least those that are right side up, are all the more important now that photos are featured in the feed. The company is also known to have an issue retaining newbies, who should now have a variety of potentially entertaining options to select from when nothing else is happening in their timelines.