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Twitter downtime still not ideal, report says

The microblogging service's performance might have improved for some, but according to uptime monitor CheckMySite, it's still not where it should be.

CheckMySite, a company that monitors uptime of Web sites, announced on Thursday that Twitter still has some serious performance issues.

CheckMySite continually monitored Twitter's uptime over the past 12 months and found that Twitter wasn't able to maintain an effective uptime rate during that period, though it did perform better in some months rather than others.

CheckMySite's report found that Twitter's best uptime between October 2008 through the end of October 2009, was in December 2008, when the site was up 99.97 percent of the time. During Twitter's worst month, August 2009, the its site was up just 99.15 percent of the time.

Without any comparison, Twitter's figures probably won't mean much. Realizing that, CheckMySite compared the social network's uptime to Facebook and MySpace. According to CheckMySite, both Facebook and MySpace "have an uptime of 100 percent, meaning there is virtually no occurrence of frustrated access among visitors."

"Any company that has an uptime statistic of less than 99.9 percent should definitely work to improve the situation," Andrew Stock, CheckMySite's international sales director said in a statement.

Twitter has suffered from uptime issues almost since its founding. For a while, it was so bad that some postulated that it could lead to the site's downfall. In recent months, Twitter's uptime seemed to improve, though it experienced a few snags along the way. Evidently, things haven't been as good as some thought.

Twitter did not immediately respond to request for comment.