Twitter developer claims the "the internet is built wrong"

Irony lives while Twitter flails.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
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Dave Rosenberg

Maybe Twitter isn't so great.
Maybe Twitter isn't so great. Internet Evolution
In a recent article, Alex Payne, API Lead at Twitter, claims that the internet is broken. While some of his arguments may have merit, it's a shockingly bizarre PR tactic to come out against something (especially the internet) when your own stuff is broken. Especially the APIs!

The basis of his argument is that the internet is "in production" but there are scaling issues such as IPv4 and now we have to rethink how to fix them. True, but maybe he can give IM back to Twitter users in his spare time.

In true ironic reality show fashion, a poll running next to the article shows that 48% of the 141 visitors to the site believe "Twitter, a fad, will slowly fade away."

I will now post this to my @daveofdoom Twitter account using the web instead of an API. Irony is delicious.