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Twitter decides to close down the direct-message floodgates

After the company considered opening up its floodgates on direct messaging, the feature is now gone.

Just like that, this feature is gone.
Just like that, this feature is gone.
Screenshot by CNET

Twitter users no longer can send direct messages to those folks who don't follow them.

The folks over at The Next Web and some Twitter users have found that the check box under user settings that allowed them to receive direct messages from those they don't follow has been removed. The change essentially turns Twitter back to its old functionality, which required that a direct-message recipient be following the sender for it to be successfully transmitted.

Twitter made waves last month after testing out the feature. It was historically unavailable for fear of certain popular users, like celebrities, getting overrun with direct messages and spam. According to Twitter, the company was testing the feature.

CNET has contacted Twitter for comment on the reversal. We will update this story when we have more information.