Twitter Community Notes Go Global to Collaboratively Add Context to Tweets

Anyone on Twitter whose account meets the eligibility criteria can sign up to be a contributor to the Community Notes feature and vet potentially misleading tweets.

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Nina Raemont
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Community Notes is in the process of rolling out globally. 

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Twitter's Community Notes feature is rolling out globally, the company said Saturday. The new feature is a way for people to "collaboratively add context" to potentially misleading tweets.

Community Notes rebranded from Birdwatch in the wake of Elon Musk becoming Twitter's new CEO in October and kicking off a slew of changes, including laying off half the staff, changing moderation and verification policies and unbanning extremist accounts

Before the weekend's announcement, Community Notes were only available to users in the US. 

If a Community Notes contributor sees a tweet they view as inappropriate or false, they can leave a note on the tweet. If enough people agree with that note and rate the note as helpful, there will be a Community Note attached to the tweet. 

The feature works best with the participation of enough people with different opinions, identities or responses to previous notes. 

"Community Notes doesn't work by majority rules. To identify notes that are helpful to a wide range of people, notes require agreement between contributors who have sometimes disagreed in their past ratings," Twitter said in a post

Anyone whose Twitter account meets the eligibility criteria can sign up to be a contributor.