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TwitPickr cross-posts TwitPic images to Flickr

Like TwitPic, but feel like archiving your shots to Flickr as well? Check out TwitPickr, a tool that does the republishing for you, en masse.

If you're a Flickr user who delights in the simplicity of using TwitPic to take pictures in various mobile Twitter applications, you'll dig TwitPickr. This simple tool lets you republish any shots you've sent to TwitPic over to your Flickr account.

To begin, you simply drop in your Twitter username and it pulls up all the shots you've posted to TwitPic. Then you just check off the ones you want to publish to your Flickr photostream and it copies them over in one click.

As a future feature I'd love to automatically have photos from Twitpic sent over to Flickr. Until that happens, the easiest way to send to both is to save your special e-mail posting address from each service, then send the photo to both using your phone's MMS or e-mail client. However, this method defeats the purpose of using TwitPickr in the first place, since TwitPic posting is built into so many of today's mobile Twitter apps.

If you've posted any pictures to TwitPic, they'll show up here. You can then shoot them over to your Flickr photostream. CNET