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Twitch adds ad-free viewing, premium features for Amazon Prime subscribers

The live-streaming service unveils the Twitch Prime membership tier for viewers who link an Amazon Prime account.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino
Twitch is launching a new premium tier that's linked with Amazon Prime.

Twitch is launching a new premium tier that's linked with Amazon Prime.


Twitch is letting viewers power up accounts using the Amazon Prime subscription service.

Live-streaming outfit Twitch said Friday that it will be letting viewers who have an active Amazon Prime membership eliminate ads and subscribe to one channel per month for free, among other video-game-related discounts and bonuses. Twitch is most known for letting people broadcast their video-gaming sessions, their own talk shows and even their adventures in cooking.

The new tier will be known as Twitch Prime and will replace Twitch's Turbo tier in countries where Amazon Prime is available, such as the US and UK. Turbo, which already includes most of these features, will remain available in countries that don't have Amazon Prime.

Twitch said existing Turbo users who don't want to switch to the Amazon Prime-linked service won't have to. Existing Turbo users in the US pay $9 per month. Amazon Prime's rates are $11 per month/$99 per year in the US and £8 per month in the UK (the service is not currently available in Australia).

Twitch, acquired by Amazon for nearly $1 billion in 2014, has been a part of the web retailer's streaming-video ventures right next to its Prime Video subscription service, which competes against offerings like Netflix. The Prime-linked service is the latest revenue model Twitch has launched, following animated emojis it tested in June. Those could cost as much as $140 in the US.