TweetDeck Android out of beta

After a stint in beta, TweetDeck is now widely available for Android users via the Market.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
Follow the QR for TweetDeck on the Android market(Credit: TweetDeck)

After a stint in beta, TweetDeck is now widely available for Android users via the Market.

Though its name suggests it has strong links to Twitter, TweetDeck also aggregates feeds and updates through Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare. Users can then use a similar column system as found on the TweetDeck desktop app to manage their feeds, or the feeds of people they follow.

We've been giving the TweetDeck app a quick road test this morning and everything is running smoothly so far. Our feeds have been updating without any hassles, with notifications for new messages appearing in the Android notification bar at the top of the screen. TweetDeck also does a great job of taking you to that next level of Twitter, with seamless browser integration for links, and the ability to view a follower's followers and add their clan to your own.

Our only disappointment so far is the design of the widgets that are installed with the app. There are three options: a compose-only bar; a three-button shortcut to your timeline, replies and direct messages; and a 2x2-column view showing the latest two tweets. After using the 4x4-column pane available through the LauncherPro app, it's hard to love this limited view window.

If you're keen to check out TweetDeck for Android take a look at the video below, or if you want to jump straight in then use the QR code above to find it on the Market.