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Tweet to self: Evernote gets Twitter integration

Next week, Evernote will turn on a feature that lets you send Twitters to your notebook.

The note-taking and photo-cataloging tool Evernote is getting a cool little feature next week: integration with Twitter. You'll be able to send messages to the @MyEN Twitter account, and they'll be posted to your Evernote notebook as well.

The integration feature isn't live yet, but should be early next week. I'll Twitter when it is (follow @Rafe). I got a preview of it today and it looks useful.

Here's the setup. If you're an Evernote user, you request to follow the Twitter user @MyEN, a protected account. The Evernote service approves you, and sends you a Web link with instructions for linking your Twitter and Evernote accounts. Once you've got the link set up, you can Twitter quick notes into your default Evernote notebook by sending a private (or "direct", or "D") note to @MyEN. Or you can copy your public Twitters into your notebook by tacking "@MyEN" on to them. If you send a Twitpic link to @MyEN the photo gets copied to your Evernote account as well.

This note came to Evernote via Twitter. Screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET

I don't see myself adding @MyEN to public Tweets just so I can keep a record of them in Evernote, since it might confuse followers. But the capability to privately Twitter myself a note could be useful.

There are, of course, several ways to get notes into Evernote: There are apps for the PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows Mobile phone, and there's a Web service and an e-mail interface. Some users also employ Jott to feed notes in. But for quick notes from the field, on an iPhone for example, using a Twitter client to send yourself a note might actually be faster than Evernote's own iPhone app, which takes a bit too much clicking and tapping when you're in a hurry.