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Tweet all about it: Twitter tells you when tweets become news

In the name of context, the information network now points you to news articles where tweets are embedded.

A tweet's permalink page includes a list of "related headlines" where the 140-character update has been embedded so you can get the big-picture story.

Twitter is making people privy to tweets that make news with a new feature the company calls "related headlines."

The feature, previously in testing, is designed to add color to newsy tweets that get picked up by journalists. Now when a tweet is embedded in a news article, the headline is appended to the tweet's permalink page, providing viewers with a clickable list of sources where they can find more information about the tweet in question.

"This section, which you can view from the tweet's permalink page, lists and links to Web sites where the tweet was embedded, making it easier to discover stories that provide more context," Twitter engineer Brian Wallerstein explained in a blog post.

Related headlines should come in handy in breaking-news situations when reporters pluck real-time 140-character recollections or photos for their stories. The clickable headlines are meant to direct people following unfolding situations or celebrity drama to longer-form destinations where they can make sense of the news.