TurnHere launches the modern video studio

TurnHere launches the modern video studio

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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Thanks to YouTube and its dozens of competitors, it is easier than ever to distribute video content. It's still hard to make good content, though. It's also tough to make money from online videos, although Google will make that a little easier with its video advertising program.

It's become a new business environment for video content companies, which means there are openings for new kinds of video studios, such as TurnHere. This company, launching a revised version of its Web site this week, is in the business of producing short, professional videos about travel destinations. My quick scan of neighborhoods I know shows that it got the details right: The neighborhood where I live in San Francisco opens with a shot of a stroller traffic jam--nothing could capture it better.

There's a nice real-person vibe in many of the videos but also a very strong commercial element. Local attractions, such as restaurants and shops, are prominently featured. TurnHere also produces short advertising videos for businesses in the neighborhoods they cover, for a $750 fee. These video ads may appear alongside the featured content, and possibly we'll see them as ads on Google Video.

If you run a small local business, it'd be worth your while to investigate TurnHere as well as SpotRunner, which produces templated video advertisements for small businesses and places them into unsold television advertising slots. In fact, a combination of these two businesses--TurnHere's professional-quality videos plus SpotRunner's local TV ad placement service--could make for a good new way for local businesses to get some video promotion, both on the Web and TV.