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Trump up your Facebook reaction icons with The Donald and his many moods

Already sick of Facebook's emoji-like reaction icons? Swap them out for a grimacing, smiling or angry Donald Trump face instead.

Trump faces
The many reactions of Donald Trump.
Reaction Packs/François Grante

Most of us are still getting used to having Facebook's new reaction icons around. Instead of just "liking" a post on the social network, we can now express a wider range of emotions, from love or "wow!" to sad or angry. The cartoony icons are inspired by emojis and they're really pretty dull. Now you can spice up your Facebook experience by replacing those pictures with a variety of Donald Trump faces.

Reaction Packs is a browser extension that swaps out the regular Facebook reactions with the following: Trump with a thumbs-up (like); Trump with a goofy smirk (love); Trump laughing (haha); Trump with a gaping wide mouth (wow); Trump with downturned lips (sad); and Trump looking like a pissed-off beaver (angry).

The Reaction Packs extension works with the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. It won't work with the Facebook app. First you install the extension, then you choose your face pack. Click here for the Chrome extension and here for the Firefox add-on.

Reaction Packs aren't limited to just Trump, a Republican candidate in the US presidential race. Canadians may enjoy the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau collection. The set featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin contains a particularly good shot of angry Putin. Fans of teen-heartthrobs-turned-Oscar-winners will enjoy the many well-acted emotions of Leonardo DiCaprio.

My personal favorite of the bunch is a Steven Seagal pack depicting the action film star with the exact same expression for every feeling.

If you've been resisting Facebook reactions, then changing out the boring icons for a spicy set of "Golden Girls" or "Daredevil" faces may inspire you to like, love and wow more often.

(Via Lifehacker)