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Tumblr goes dark with massive outage

After rolling outages the past couple of weeks, the popular blogging platform experiences more major hiccups today.


Tumblr has been hit with another sweeping outage. The blogging platform has been completely inaccessible to all users, as of the last couple of hours.

Tumblr confirmed its outage via a tweet from its official Twitter account earlier this afternoon that said, "We're experiencing slow loading or intermittent errors on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance."

Since then, the company tweeted that it took down the entire site "in order to resolve a network issue."

The blogging platform has had a rough go the past couple of months. In October, it was hit with major outages for several hours, and at the beginning of this month, a massive bug swept Tumblr affecting 8,600 unique users. GNAA, a hacker group, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Then, last week, Tumblr experienced another major outage when a critical database cluster was taken down during planned maintenance.

It's unclear why the popular blogging platform, which recently reached 20 billion monthly pageviews, went haywire today. The company said on Twitter that it will update users as soon as it knows more.